Connor Johnson

Conor Johnson

Conor is the director of Desert Speed School . Conor is a certified USA Track & Field Coach, certified trainer with the American Council on Exercise, and Certified Functional Strength Coach with additional certifications in TRX® training and the Functional Movement Screen®.

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Darla Gentry

WHAT DOES AGE HAVE TO DO WITH IT? I thoroughly enjoy this opportunity to help others in my age range and have fun while improving their health.  Now at the age of 73, it is clear that the foundation for a healthy body means improving balance, core and strength.  As Senior Advisor for Desert Sports

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Kelly Shupe

Kelly is a CFSC Level 1 certified coach, and an avid sports and fitness enthusiast. He has been involved in soccer and basketball both as a player and a coach for over 30 years and in the fitness industry for over 18 years. Kelly began his journey with Desert Sports and Fitness in 2000. He

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