Darla Gentry


I thoroughly enjoy this opportunity to help others in my age range and have fun while improving their health.  Now at the age of 73, it is clear that the foundation for a healthy body means improving balance, core and strength.  As Senior Advisor for Desert Sports and Fitness I look forward to member consultations to discuss their goals and together determine programming that will help them achieve those goals.  Teaching Dance Mix is another way I can incorporate good posture and form when working with members.  Plus, it is awesome for the brain!  I always encourage an InBody Analysis since it is a true roadmap to better understand the value of making the commitment to a healthy lifestyle and taking it to their doctor is an added bonus.  Our monthly L.I.F.E. SERIES features Doctors, Chefs and other specialists who bring valuable health and safety information to our members and their guests.  Who knew one could have so much fun doing what you enjoy.  Age?  It’s only a number!