Desert Speed School

Desert Speed School Helps Youth Athletes Excel

The Desert Speed School at our gym in Tucson has been guiding young athletes toward success since 2005. Our goal is to change athletes’ lives through realizing their maximum athletic potential.

Focusing on boosting areas of individual weakness and need, the Desert Speed School works with athletes 1-on-1 or in a small group setting to improve running mechanics, strength/power, flexibility, acceleration, agility, core strength, and reaction time.

We also take well-rounded approach to athletic performance by addressing nutritional and mental aspects of performance such as hard work, commitment, time management, mental strength, and more.

Speed and Agility Training

Our facilities feature weights, TRX suspension, and kettlebell training. All of this with a Mondo-surface track and artificial turf area for plyometric work and speed/agility training makes our training facility unmatched in Southern Arizona.

Talk to our staff today to find out how the Desert Speed School can accelerate your kid’s athletic growth!

Desert Speed School
Desert Speed School at Desert Sports and Fitness