Yoga and Pilates at Desert Sports and Fitness


Exercise Body and Mind With Pilates

For exercise with more of a mind-body balance, you’ll find Pilates classes at our gym in Tucson to be the thing you look forward to every day.

Pilates classes at Desert Sports & Fitness help with muscle tone, flexibility, range of motion, circulation, and breathing. They can be a low-impact way to keep your body in great health, relieve aches and pains, de-stress, and calm the mind.

Our classes will gently challenge you to push your limits, leaving you with a satisfying workout and centered mind. Our instructors are skilled at giving attention to individual students in the class setting so that you can get help adapting poses and movements to your needs.

If you’re looking for an anchoring point in your busy day, give our Pilates classes a try! No matter what state you enter class in, we’re sure you’ll leave in a better place.

Available At These Locations: